Medifast Products Taste Test

The following is a compilation of the consensus of the best and worst tasting foods in the Medifast Diet Plan across the Internet. Obviously taste is a highly subjective matter but we hope this list will save you from buying something that you will waste.

Best tasting Medifast foods

Chocolate Shake - Almost everyone on the Medifast diet speaks highly of the Chocolate shakes and say that it is their favorite flavor.

Homestyle Chili - You may want to add a little Tabasco sauce if you like your chili really spicy as this one is quite mild, but generally the taste is good particularly the chili beans.

Caramel Nut Bar - Although this bar does not have the sticky caramel flavor you would expect it tastes pretty good. Far better than the old bars.

Vanilla Pudding

Chocolate Bars

Oatmeal Raisin Bars - These bars have a pleasant cinnamon taste. Some people have described it as like eating cookie dough.

Worst tasting Medifast foods

Strawberry Creme Shake - This shake is unpopular with most people although some say it's not too bad if you add crushed ice and Crystal Light.

Vanilla Shake - Tastes like chalky cake mixture. Although some people rave about how delicious it tastes if you add diet soda. Recommendations are Diet Cherry 7-Up or Diet A&W Root Beer.

Chicken and Noodle Soup - I've heard one person speak well of this but others dislike it. The main complaints are that the

Chicken and Wild Rice Soup