History of the Medifast

Learn about the history and origins of the Medifast diet.

Medifast and Weight Loss

Jason Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1980 by Dr. William Vitale MD with a primary aim to develop and manufacture of a weight loss plan that became the Medifast Products and Programs. Jason Pharmaceuticals was a true family business with the son (Jim Vitale) and daughter (Susan Boone) of Dr Vitale working alongside their father.

Jason Pharmaceuticals, Inc., produces over 80% of the Medifast products in a new $3.4 million food and pharmaceutical-grade plant in Owings Mills, Maryland. The facilities are subject to regulations and inspections mandated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), Maryland State Department of Health and Hygiene and Baltimore County Department of Health ensuring that quality control, manufacturing processes, equipment and labeling all meet the required standard.

The current management is as follows:

Bradley T. MacDonald
Chairman of the Board

Michael J. McDevitt
Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Director

Margaret MacDonald
President, Chief Operating Officer

Leo V. Williams
Executive Vice President

Brendan N. Connors
Vice President - Finance

Conrad Sump
General Counsel, Corporate secretary