Medifast Product Glossary

The overview of medifast terms and what they mean.

Medifast 55

Medifast 55 shakes are the default option for women. They are slightly lower in calories than Medifast 70 shakes – as on average women need fewer calories than men – and are lower in protein.

Medifast 70

Medifast 70 shakes are the default option for men. They are also recommended for women who want a higher protein intake; for example if you are particularly physically active or are unusually muscular for a woman.

Medifast Ready-to-Drink

Like Medifast 55 but in a ready to drink liquid form for convenience.

Medifast Plus for Appetite Suppression

These are shakes like Medifast 70 but additionally contain Super CitriMax a product produced by Inter Health Company from the fruit gambooge. An extract from the gambooge fruit is believed to have some appetite suppressing qualities although the evidence is mixed.

Medifast Plus for Diabetics

Shakes with a reduced quantity of sugar and other carbohydrates to help diabetics to have more control over their blood sugars. There is also a range of diabetic bars.

Medifast Plus for Joint Health

These shakes are much like Medifast 70 but additionally contain glucosamine and chondroitin, supplements known to benefit cartilage repair. Medifast recommend it for arthritis sufferers.

Medifast Plus for Women’s Health

Like Medifast 70 but with the addition of black cohosh, echinacea and chaste tree berry, which may help reduce symptoms of menopause.

Medifast Plus for Coronary Health

These shakes are designed to counter the increased risk of heart disease brought on by poor diet. The shakes are like Medifast 70 but also contain Coenzyme Q10, amino acids and Pycnogenol. You should not use these shakes if you are using any of the other Medifast shakes with added supplements or blood thinning drugs. Discuss their use with your physician.


Momentum is a range of products that boost metabolism. If you are following the Medifast program and you have hit a plateau in your weight then this is Medifasts’ recommended solution to keep your weight loss moving. The Momentum range consists of Medifast drinks and shakes that will replace one of your Medifast meals and infusers that can be drunk in addition to your meal plan. The Momentum products contain caffeine and an anti-oxidant found in green tea. There is evidence that these kinds of anti-oxidants can increase your metabolism by 4%.


Antioxidant infusers are drinks that can be consumed in additions to Medifast shakes and meals. They contain resveratrol, the antioxidant found in red wine and the skin of red grapes.